Effective Communication

Lack of quality of the communication within a company creates many problems some of which may be quite serious. Possibly we have all experienced communication problems in business life and more or less have suffered because of the consequences of a communication problem.


Because of this, trainings, management efforts, and projects aiming for improving the quality of communication happening within a company are therefore invaluable for a better performing enterprise. Within communication module, we are mainly focusing on;


  • Creating awareness about the importance of communication process


  • Increasing knowledge level about theory and practice about communication problems


  • Providing a communication scenario in a Boeing 737 cockpit for having the participants experience real-life communication problems (or examples of good communication behaviors)


  • Enabling reflections about what has been experienced for enhancing a better learning and helping positive behavior change


  • Helping participants to maintain positive and constructive attitudes during crisis situations.

If you are having problems like ones below; communication module may be appropriate for your needs:


  • Problems in communication flow between employees, departments, executives, or between customers and your company. For example failing to send important information to related parties, failing to inform customers about important news or situations like order delays, lack of a structured communication plan for critical information.


  • Conflicts between employees or departments. For example misalignment or even tensions between different divisions, lack of seeing the big picture for the company from different departments, not realising that every employee is on the same ship with other employees.


  • Attitude problems between employees or departments. For example impolite or unfriendly wording among employees.

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