Expecting miracles after a business workshop might not be so reasonable. 

But making use of it at a maximum extent is possible.


Here are some ideas to inspire you before and after organizing a training for your corporation:


Determining the topic of the training and ensuring a buy-in from relevant stakeholders is very important. Very frequently, the participants do not know why they attend to a training. And naturally they do not relate their agenda or daily work-life with the training content.


Similarly, consensus is rarely reached about a training by different stakeholders. In order to ensure a maximum performance after a training; a carefully done needs analysis together with information sharing about the why’s and how’s of the training is very important. Most importantly, the participants should be aware of the reasons they are attending to this training.


Some reading materials, charts, summary of the content, video materials or visuals would be of great importance to increase the effectiveness of the training too.


While pre-processes are important for the training; post-processes are also critical.

Evaluating the training after a short-period of time and summarising the messages, knowledge, information and inspirations learned from the training is a good and vital start.


More importantly, regular follow-up sessions are very useful and they are indeed necessities. If the training was given for improving a hard-skill of participants; then a quick-check of this hard-skill may be done. If the training was about a soft-skill; then a short-review of any improvements in the soft-skills of participants will be useful. Even a short reminder of what has been discussed in the class and the lessons received will be very helpful.

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