Motivating, empowering, training, inspiring employees and aligning them with company goals is not an easy task. Very often, managers are not trained enough for leading their employees for a win-win situation. This in the end leads to motivation problems, dissatisfaction from work, poor performance and even high turnover rates within company.


This module of Fly Your Mind focuses on giving our participants an opportunity to lead his/her colleague within a special cockpit scenario.


The main points we focus on in this module are;


  • Increasing awareness of our participants about the aspects of a leader


  • Discussing the ways in which a leader may assist his/her subordinates


  • Providing a scenario for our participants, in which they are going to have the opportunity to use / try different skills for leading their colleagues


  • Discussing what can be done for improving our leadership skills.

Common problems in companies where leadership skills need improvement are;


  • Unclear goals perceived by employees


  • Slow learning processes


  • Motivation problems due to poor recognition by superiors


  • Vague development pathways perceived by employees which creates dissatisfaction skill


If you think, improving leadership ls of your potential or actual managers is key to your company’s success, leadership module is a good match for your needs.

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