Presence of team-spirit has become one of the most important intangible assets of a company. With better team-work, company flows more smoothly, problems are handled quickly and with a constructive attitude, and maybe most importantly employees feel much better. Being a part of a team itself is a motivation factor for most of us.


If you need to improve team-spirit and team-work competencies within your company, Fly Your Mind team-development module is designed for this purpose.

In this module, we are focusing on;


  • Creating awareness about team-work and its importance


  • Explaining different roles in a team and different job-descriptions to be accomplished


  • Emphasizing the importance of different roles and responsibilities within a team


  • Providing a scenario within a Boeing 737 cockpit in which participants need to act as effective teams to successfully carry out a task

Some of the problems frequently related to team-structures are;

  • Lack of understanding of the ultimate goal of the team or company.

  • Lack of understanding of responsibility areas and job descriptions between team members.

  • Problems in attitudes or behaviors among team-members.

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