Data Based

Decision Making

The quality of decisions given have a high impact on company success. Therefore, the rationale behind these decisions are also critical. Do you feel like more scientific approaches would be better for improving the decision making culture of your company? Do you think a data-driven decision making approach is much better than an intuitively decision making culture?


This module of Fly Your Mind is created for improving the decision making competencies of your team. Especially for helping you to create a scientific and data-driven decision making culture.

We are focusing on the following in this module; 


  • Creating awareness about the importance of data-based decisions


  • Explaining the theory of SMART goals, data types and dashboards


  • Having participants to experience a flying scenario in which they are going to need flying instruments (data-based flying) in order to successfully complete the flying task

Frequently, lack of a data-based decision making culture lead to problems such as;


  • Lack of quality of decisions given


  • Wrong projections or plans


  • Incorrect budgets


  • Being unable to figure out real cause of problems


  • Setting unreasonable or incorrect goals for teams


If you think your teams need to decide more on data rather than intuition, this module is for you.

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