There are always problems in business life. If we adopt an approach which enables us to handle problems efficiently and effectively, not only we learn from problems but also we contribute to the competitive advantage of our company. This module aims to improve problem solving competencies of our participants by also giving them necessary theoretical knowledge to be used in problem solving situations.


We mainly focus on the below in this workshop module;


  • Increasing knowledge level of our participants about problem solving methodologies


  • Providing problem solving scenarios for the participants in the workshop


  • Providing a problem solving scenario to be used in the Boeing 737 cockpit which aims to help participants to avoid mistakes for a smoother and safer flight


  • Helping our participants to develop practical problem solving skills which they can use in daily business life

Frequently, problems related with poor problem solving competencies are;


  • Problems waiting to be solved for a long time


  • Ineffective solutions to problems within company


  • Poor performance of lines, departments, divisions or the company


  • Being unable to reach to goals set


If you feel like your team needs to be fitter and stronger in problem solving skills, problem solving module of Fly Your Mind is a good start point.

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